Within its range of products Italcaseus offers a selection of high quality Rice ideal for the preparation of national and international dishes (such as sushi, paella …).

An assortment of products that enriches the excellences of Cheese and Salami with the Italcaseus brand.



  • Riso Arborio Superfino
  • Riso Carnaroli Superfino
  • Riso Carnaroli Integrale/Semintegrale
  • Riso Roma
  • Riso Vialone Nano
  • Riso Paraboiled
  • Riso Originario
  • Riso Ermes
  • Riso Basmati
  • Riso Venere.

The product is available in different packagings and sizes.

Mattonella 1kg sv   |   Mattonella 1kg sv with box   |   Rafia 5kg   |   Pack 25kg.


For additional information contact info@italcaseus.it