Culatello DOP

Culatello DOP is one of the most prestigious cold cuts of the Italian tradition.

Native land of this excellence is the lower area of the Parmesan territory (“bassa parmense”) in the province parallel with the river Po, particularly the Zibello area, the climate of which gives those unique qualities such as sweetness and fragrance.

Culatello is got from the muscular part of the hind legs of pork without rind and bone, and seasoned in the coast areas of the river Po and of the lower area of the Parmesan territory.

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The very high gastronomic value of this product is really unique, being surely the King of the Italian butchery, it rewards the work of the small artisans.

By taking from the heat of the leg the fat in excess and the front part away, one gets Culatello. Skillfully salted and sausaged by expert hands, this becomes a unique product in damp cellars. Soft, delicate, sweet, with a fragrance and a pleasant persistence even higher than its fame, it will be a marvelous and unforgettable experience for the customers and connoisseurs.

According to a very severe disciplinary, even more restrictive than the DOP itself, the thirteen producers of the Consortium, produce it without chemical additives only in the winter months. Just for this reason cold storage and other precautions are forbidden during the seasoning in order not to modify the climate traditionally suited only during these months.


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