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Are you a distributor and are you looking for the best Italian cheeses and high quality cold cuts? Italcaseus can satisfy your exigence by supplying you with carefully selected products in short becoming your reliable partner. Additional information can be found on

Have you got a shop and do you want to offer your customers the best Italian cheeses among your excellences? Corner shops of Formaggeria Italiana are the solution you are looking for. Ask for details, contact us at the phone number +39.0377.1961521.

Have you got the dream to work on your own in food department? Have you got passion for the cheese business community and have you got entrepreneurial activity? Open you own Formaggeria Italiana. This way you will surely have the chance to sell the best selected Italian cheeses. You will be able to dress your sales point in the style of “Formaggeria Italiana”  and to avail the brand. One of Italcaseus consultant will follow you to achieve your franchising aim and will advise you the best to open your “Formaggeria Italiana”. Ask for details, contact us at