Italcaseus 2017 Catalogue: the best Italian cheeses and a selection of high quality cold cuts.


Grana Padano, Grana Lodigiano Typical, Parmigiano Reggiano with Halal certification and Taleggio from raw milk, these are some of the references that stand out in the new catalogue of Italcaseus 2017.

The company based in Codogno is among the most active ones on the international market and aims to offer a range of high quality products that meet the most exigent customers seeking for the real Made in Italy.

Italcaseus, by tradition and vocation, aims to be “the specialist of Grana Padano”. Thanks to an extraordinary selection of the products under this reference, it can supply from Grana Padano 12 months to Grana Padano Riserva. Carefully selected products, they are the result of the work of skilled cheesemakers in small dairies attending the disciplinary scrupulously.

There are surprises for lovers of Parmigiano Reggiano too, in fact Italcaseus can offer the “king of cheeses” with Halal certification, recognized in more than 200 countries in the world and suitable for the Islamic people.

To see all the other Italcaseus important references, download the Catalogue 2017.


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